Basics of styling: Where to start?

The main problem when trying to find your sense of style or figuring out what to wear is always the question of where to begin. People often give up and just wear the first thing they can find, because when the options are limitless, it becomes overwhelming to figure out what you want to wear. In this blog, we will go over the basics of styling step by step, to minimise the feeling of being overwhelmed and also create an effective technique to an outfit every single time!

Step 1: Finding your “vibe” or “aesthetic”

Everyone has a unique personality and a styling choice to match it. Once you figure out the overall vibe, you can move on to the next step. 

You can easily find this out by analysing the clothing that you already have in your own closet. The colour palette that you often reach out for, the type of clothing you mostly wear etc. By analysing all these characteristics of your wardrobe, you can derive what you most like by looking at the clothing that you wear the most. You can also refer to pinterest boards and search up different aesthetics to see which appeals to you the most and derive inspiration from those to style your outfits or when buying new pieces for your wardrobe! 

Step 2: Having good foundational pieces in your wardrobe

Foundational pieces are pieces upon which a whole outfit is built and styled. These are the basic building blocks that are required for every well put together outfit, these pieces usually constitute of only one or two pieces of the whole outfit. The main point of such clothing is to be “rewearable” on a regular basis, and around which you create an outfit every single day.

Clothing such as round neck tshirts, polo t-shirts are some examples of foundational upper wear, if such pieces are missing in your closet, fret not and head on over to Stubborn Factory for premium quality and extremely soft round neck and polo t-shirts in a variety of different colour options to add to your foundational wear. Lower wear can include pants, jeans, skirts, shorts and so on.

Step 3: Styling the outfit!

The same shirt can look completely different when styled differently. Playing around with colours and different pairings of the same foundational pieces in your wardrobe help create a diverse look and feel every single day. Tucking your shirt in fully or halfway, making a knot on your shirt, folding the sleeves and the lengths of your pants or jeans- such styling techniques make the same piece of clothing look very different every single time the piece is worn. 

This step helps minimise the amount of clothes you need to create outfits that are unique and not repetitive. Additionally, it can be very fun to play around and discover new styling techniques of your own!

Step 4: Statement pieces

Statement pieces become the centre of every outfit when worn, these are the pieces that everyone notices instantly when looking at an outfit. These pieces help enhance the aesthetic of the outfit worn. These pieces are bright coloured or pattern rich. Some options to explore are- varsity jackets which have a cool student/college aesthetic, or tie and dye shirts for a stylish splash of colour, or Printed Graphic tees to add an artistic touch. Such Statement pieces can also be customised to your own tastes and preferences to enhance your outfit even more by adding your own personal touch to your wardrobe. Stubborn Factory has various such customisable options of statement pieces for you to explore! 

Step 5: Accessorise!

Accessories such as jewellery, bags, hats etc help add to the cohesive nature of every outfit, while also catering to the vibe or aesthetic that you are going for. Accessories can be chosen by looking at those colours and designs that suit your colour palette and aesthetic the most as chosen in step 1. For people who carry a lot of things on a daily basis, A customisable tote bag from Stubborn Factory can be the perfect accessory to every outfit. 

Practice makes Perfect!

Just like everything else in life, practice is required to get good at styling. The main goal of this blog was to break down the things you can do to start small towards achieving the perfect outfit for every single occasion. From colour to patterns to customisation, you can explore all such options to enhance your skill of style at Stubborn Factory

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